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Customer Feedback

"I started my hypnotherapy sessions with Trina when I was at my lowest. I suffered regularly from anxiety attacks and felt like I was bordering manic depression. Trina changed my thinking and in turn my life - after 10 sessions I no longer have anxiety attacks and am healthier all round. Trina teaches you to think of your goals and what you want from your future. To seek success, happiness, love and to fight fear, depression, anxiety and negativity.  I cannot thank Trina enough and would highly recommend her to others.


"When I first met Trina I was highly stressed about work and my negative mindset was affecting all areas of my life.  Her sessions used a combination of counselling and hypnotherapy to help give me strategies to respond to life's difficulties in a more positive way.  I now feel more resilient and a lot happier - thank you Trina"


"I can't recommend Trina for hypnotherapy highly enough. I had suffered with a bird phobia for about 35 years and had considered hypnotherapy before but firstly didn't believe it could work as my phobia was so 'severe' and secondly had heard that with some hypnotherapists I would have to look at pictures of birds to overcome my fear. Thankfully this was not the case with Trina. With her calm, gentle, understanding nature I was soon at ease. I can now look at real birds and photos of birds without screaming or feeling sick, she really has improved my quality of life."


"I just wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU for everything!  I’m so indebted to you and your wondrous hypnotherapy skills.  I honestly feel like a different person and approach my life more positively and with confidence.  I don’t have need for my OCD tendencies anymore and my motivation skills have improved hugely."

"Trina Gazzard.  What can I say? You took me from the place I was in which was crying like a baby all through a flight or taking medication, to sitting by the window, watching take-off and landing, taking photos of Mount Tiede out of the window and loving it, without medication.  AMAZING!! Thank you so much."


"I have suffered from insomnia and general poor sleep for years, but recently it had got really bad.  I have tried everything from avoiding sugar and caffeine to lavender incense and meditation, but nothing was improving my sleep.  Trina took a holistic approach and as well as treating me, she taught me so I could understand why.  Understanding the cause has helped me to manage the problem and since seeing her I now sleep solidly and easily."


"Trina is a wonderful person who has helped me so much personally and professionally in looking at the world and life with different perspectives and giving me real confidence to believe in myself and my abilities.  She's extremely easy to be around with no awkwardness and no judgement - no clinical feeling, no staying stuck in the problem - an upbeat, positive environment where I leave feeling confident and with a way forward.  She's a ray of sunshine and everyone needs a Trina in their life!"







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